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The advantages of booking your ski vacation through Telluride Rentals.

19 Oct 2011
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Insider Knowledge

In these challenging economic times, there are more options than ever when selecting a vacation rental in Telluride. The options can be overwhelming. Every owner is eager to rent their property when they are not staying there to help cover their costs of owning a second home. Even primary homeowners in Telluride will move out of their home for the financial benefits of a good vacation rental. It can be really tricky, sorting through all of the different websites, and finding a vacation rental property that suits you. Today, I want to point out the differences between the various vacation rental channels. When a prospective guest is searching for a Telluride vacation rental they usually hit the internet. The internet is likely to lead guests to wholesale websites and ‘rentals by owner’ websites. Internet searches are also likely to lead guests to vacation rental management companies, like Telluride Rentals. Securing a vacation rental through a company such as Telluride Rentals has some distinct advantages over wholesale websites and rental by owner websites. Let me first discuss the processes of wholesaler websites and ‘rentals by owner’ websites…

A wholesale website is likely to have a raft of vacation rental listings for every ski resort on their website. They might have listings for Telluride, Aspen, Vail, Steamboat, Beaver Creek and Breckenridge, just to name a few Colorado ski resorts. When you call the (800) number for a wholesale website, it is highly unlikely that the person on the other end of the phone will actually be located here in Telluride. They might be in Denver or Salt Lake City, often operating out of call centers. Perhaps the person you are speaking to has never actually been to Telluride, let alone visited the property you are asking questions about. It can be difficult to get specific property information from a wholesaler because they do not have intimate, first hand knowledge of the property, or the ski resort.

A ‘rentals by owner’ website usually gets you a little closer to the action. These websites have huge inventories of properties, and your inquiry goes directly to the owner of the property. You can search Telluride specifically, and you will be presented with numerous vacation rental properties- homes,condos, andtown homes. Rental by owner websites have exploded in the past few years. However, along with the explosion in listings on these sites, comes a definitive uptick in vacation rental horror stories. A lot of owners do an incredible job at preparing their homes, insuring they are immaculate for guests arrivals. There are some home owners however, who don’t keep up their end of the bargain. I have heard stories of guests arriving to dirty properties, guests arriving to already occupied properties and in one case, a guest arriving to their vacation rental with a foreclosure sign posted on the front door! When you are dealing directly with homeowners, there is the risk that they may not have the skills or professionalism to maintain the property to the standard that you expect. Or perhaps some homeowners care more about getting the money in their bank account than providing you with a great vacation rental home. The issue with a vacation rental through the owner is that you do not have any guarantees, and your Telluride vacation could be ruined by a owner managed property. Often, the rates that owners offer might seem to good to be true. Super low prices are not always the blessing that they appear to be with vacation rentals.

A vacation rental management company, such as Telluride Rentals offers well maintained, professionally managed properties for your Telluride vacation. We are a boutique, high end vacation rental management company and all of our properties are listed exclusively with us. All of our properties;are immaculately clean & stocked for your arrival. With Telluride Rentals, you have an on call guest services manager  available 24-7. If anything unexpected happens with your rental, your dedicated guest services manager is only a phone call (and a 5 minute drive) away. If the unthinkable were to happen, and a property became uninhabitable, we have a full inventory of properties and we can move you to something of equal or better standard. There are comforting guarantees that come with Telluride Rentals;that will ensure that you can enjoy your Telluride vacation without any hassles or worries. When you call Telluride Rental’s, you will be dealing directly with our small team. There is no middle man involved to create confusion or jack prices.

Booking your Telluride vacation through Telluride Rentals takes a lot of stress and uncertainty out of your vacation.For more information on Telluride Rentals’condos,town homes, and private homes, visit our;website, send us an email;or call us on (800)970-7541.