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Flights into Telluride for winter 2010/2011: traveling tips!

22 Oct 2010
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Insider Knowledge

Fluffy white clouds have been looming over the San Juan's over the past few days. Some of the higher Peaks are well covered and wintery looking, whereas town remains wet and this morning, very cold!! We have seen dustings of snow on the top of Spiral Stairs and Milk Run (below the San Sophia gondola station) but they don't stay around for too long. In any case, winter is definitely in the air...

We wanted to give all Telluride visitors a heads up on flight information for this winter. Flights are booking up fast this year, and due to increasing demand, prices will remain high, so don't wait for prices to drop before you book.

Here are some holiday flying tips for travelers looking for the best rates. This information was sent to us by the Telluride Regional Airport:

1) In most cases avoid traveling in 12/26 & 12/27 (Flights already pretty full).
Exceptions: Flights on USAirways to Telluride has some moderate availability on some of the flights on these dates.

2) In most cases Avoid traveling out Jan 1, Jan 2 & Jan 3
Exceptions: USAirways from Telluride on Jan 1 & Jan 3

3) DO travel on the Holiday itself (Christmas Day/Christmas Eve/New Years Eve)
These tend to be lightly traveled days where good availability and deals can be found!

4) DO consider traveling in the week before Christmas leaving on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to return!

Often?not only are there better air prices but also lodging prices?as well as smaller crowds on the slopes and in the airports!

5) DO consider a trip Jan 4 and later?See #4 above?you can get a better value trip and smaller crowds on the slopes and in the airports!

6) DO Be Flexible with Travel Dates
Sometimes adjusting just a day can get you a better airfare.

Los Angeles to Montrose on the Peak Dates of Dec 26 inbound Jan 2 outbound comes to $1700

Los Angeles to Montrose on Dec 25 inbound Jan 1 outbound comes to $448 or over $1200 less!

7) DO book airfare with lodging and lift tickets: when you book airfare in a package you get access to wholesale air rates which are sometimes better than the non-package booked airfare.

8) DO consider traveling non-holiday! (January 5 ? February 10 period offers some great deals! Lodging is often less pricey during this period as well!) (Below example is based on seat availability as of 10/19/10)

Indianapolis (IND) to Montrose (MTJ) in on Dec 26 return on Jan 2 costs $1006 per ticket when last checked.

Indianapolis (IND) to Montrose (MTJ) in on Jan 12 return on Jan 18 costs $310 per ticket when last checked.

Prices on flights near Thanksgiving and Christmas, on average, are up as much as 18%. Passengers Shouldn't wait to see if prices will drop!!

By Hugo Martin, Los Angeles Times
October 18 2010

"Airline passengers can expect ticket prices to be 7% to 18% higher this holiday season than last year, as an economic recovery however modest; spurs growing demand for air travel".