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Flying to Telluride and Montrose gets easier!

3 Jun 2013
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Summer in Telluride

Located in the southwest of Colorado in the San Juan Mountains -- part of the intrigue of the vibrant mountain town of Telluride is it's remoteness relative to many other ski towns located along the I-70 corridor in Colorado-- but remote does not mean that it is difficult to arrive in Telluride.

The Colorado Flights Alliance, formerly the Telluride Montrose Regional Air Organization, has just announced the summer 2013 flight schedule for Montrose and Telluride airports -- and with additional flights and larger planes, more visitors will be able to easily make their way to our mountain paradise!

Summer Schedule Summer Flight Plan

Montrose is located 65.6 miles from Telluride, or about an hour and twenty five minute drive away. The airport is larger than the Telluride Airport and as a result it can accommodate bigger planes and more passengers. May through October the Montrose airport facilitates the arrival and departure of daily flights from Denver, CO. and Dallas, TX., as well as Wednesday and Saturday flights from Houston, TX. Additionally, this upcoming winter, visitors to the area may take advantage of added flights from Chicago, IL. and Atlanta, GA. and larger aircrafts flying in and out from Los Angeles, CA.

Telluride snowcapped mountainsThe Telluride airport offers daily flights from Denver. This highly convenient flight puts visitors right into town, after a quick 55 minute flight over the Rocky Mountains on a small 18 passenger plane. As an added bonus passengers enjoy aerial views of the breathtaking landscape of the area as they descend into Telluride!

After landing in Montrose or Telluride, it's our pleasure here at Telluride Rentals to coordinate a shuttle for your group from the airport to your lodging accommodations through Telluride Express; shared and private rides are available. Staying at a residence with a full kitchen -- like all of our properties here at Telluride Rentals? You may choose to have your private ride from Montrose include a stop at the market to stock up on pantry items to save a few dollars to spend on activities once you arrive. Flying into Telluride? You're already in town, so use your time to enjoy the outdoors; let the concierge at Telluride Rentals do your shopping for you and have all the items you need stocked in the pantry upon arrival to the property. Contact our concierge!