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It’s a wrap! Winter is over and Spring (AKA: Off-Season) is here...

8 Apr 2014
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Winter in Telluride

With April 6th marking the last day of the 2013/2014-ski season, our locals transition to an off-season mentality and mixed emotions flood our box canyon. (1) Some folks are still coming down from winter, reminiscing on the goals they met and their best runs of the year; (2) Most have off-season travel on the mind, and are getting ready to flee town for a few weeks of rest and relaxation; (3) While those remaining are enjoying the peace and quiet of our sleepy mountain town, planning their own summer festival line-ups and dusting off their gloves and cleats for beer league softball.

So, which camp do you find yourself in? We find ourselves in all three around here… Read on to find out why!

(1) Ski season was phenomenal to say the least! We ended the season with an 80-inch base, with a powder day on top. With all of the snow that we received over the past six months, we saw the Gold Hill chutes open more often, our loyal guests come back again and again for fresh powder, and smiling faces around every corner!

(2) Being a Telluride local has its perks, and one that comes to mind at the moment is off-season… We work hard for six months over the winter and reward ourselves with a little getaway! Whether it’s big or small, a little vacation is always an exciting way to celebrate the changing of seasons. Where are we headed?

  • Natalie is hopping across the pond to Barcelona to siesta, drink wine and practice yoga!
  • Heather is heading to San Jose del Cabo for some fun in the sun, and to swim with the dolphins!
  • Meghan is suiting up in dry gear and hitting the Grand Canyon section of the Colorado River!
  • Kevin is making the trek to Kansas City to pick up furniture and complete his move to his beautiful, new home!
  • Seth is finishing up his wedding planning (well… assisting Paige, his fiancé) and heading to Las Vegas for a long weekend!

(3) Peace and quiet around every corner and with some of our favorite restaurants on a short hiatus, we’re honing in on our culinary skills, enjoying the solitude that is off-season. If this sounds good to you, book your escape today… enjoy lower rates and unbeatable hikes! and planning our summer festival season too! A few that we’re looking forward to include Bluegrass Festival, Wine Festival, The Ride Festival, Blues & Brews and in between- softball season! It’s a hoot and if you’re here, you should check it out at Town Park… it’s a great way to experience the local flavor!

Which camp do you find yourself in? We’d love for you to share in our comments.