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Red, White, Blue - Telluride Fourth of July, 2011.

5 Jul 2011
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I am definitely suffering from a Fourth of July Holiday hangover today. Not the alcohol induced kind (thankfully), but the parade-and-fireworks-friends-and-excitement kind of hangover. It's hard settling back into a normal routine after such a fabulously fun weekend! The Fourth of July in Telluride is a particularly special weekend here in Telluride, and one of my absolute favorite days of the year here in the US. The sun is always shining, and it is usually the weekend when it truly feels like summer is here in the mountains. We had snow in town just 3 weeks ago, but this past weekend felt like we are safely in summer mode.

Telluride Fourth of July float

I am not American, so living in the US has opened my eyes to all sorts of holidays and celebrations that I had previously only heard about in American movies. The Fourth of July is not only a day to celebrate American Independence from Great Britain (a connection that is still alive and well in my home country of Australia) but it is a rare day on the annual Telluride calender when absolutely everybody comes together on Telluride Main St, or in Town Park, to celebrate what an amazingly vibrant and close knit community we have. I think this holiday is probably the best opportunity to experience the town of Telluride in all it's glory, regardless of whether you live here, or whether you are visiting for the weekend.

Father son fourth in TellurideAs it does every year, the Fourth of July kicked off with a huge parade on Main Street. The beginning of the parade is initiated by three extremely loud and low flying fighter jets that swoop directly over Telluride Main Street. I always wonder what it would be like to be a fighter jet pilot flying one of those jets low over our little box canyon. You would need to be a fairly decisive about your vertical manoever as you approach Ingram Falls at the end of the valley!! The parade delivered the usual mix of local businesses and causes combined with a good dose of hilarity. My favorite float was the "Apocalypse No" firetruck, which was a parody on the recent apocalyptic predictions about the world coming to an end. Hilarious!

​After the 11am parade, everybody headed to Telluride Town Park for the annual Fireman's Picnic. This year's picnic went til about 4pm, when right on cue, a 'monsoonal' storm blew in, ushering everyone home for their afternoon rest, before the fireworks display. The huge fireworks display kicked off at 9.45pm, and lasted for about 45 minutes.

In a year where many fireworks displays were banned due to huge fires in the nation's southwest, Telluride was blessed to keep ours on the schedule, and no doubt we attracted many visitors from surrounding regions whose fireworks had been canceled. While most tend to head to town park for the action, we chose to watch the fireworks from a friend's house high on the hill above town.

As I sit here, reminiscing on another great Fourth of July celebration here in Telluride, another storm is rolling into town, this one much earlier than yesterdays. I am already looking forward to next years event, when we get to enjoy it all over again!