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Best Ways to Enjoy the Fall Foliage at Telluride

10 Oct 2017
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Telluride Information

Telluride often attracts people who love the outdoors. The town is surrounded by stunning mountains, cliffs, and forest scenery. Visitors frequently go on hikes and bike rides. In the winter, they ski. The fall draws people outdoors to admire the foliage, which fills the landscape with shades of yellow, red, orange, and gold. What are some of the best ways to experience autumn at Telluride?Yellow Aspen in Fall

The San Miguel River Trail

Easily accessible from multiple streets in Telluride, this trail takes you a few miles along the San Miguel River. It’s ideal for a relaxing stroll or a refreshing jog. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re traveling with kids or with a dog. With its river and canyon views, the trail offers many spots where you can stop for lovely photos. In the fall, the San Miguel River Trail is a popular route for admiring the changing leaves. You can extend your fall foliage exploration by connecting with the Idarado Legacy Trail, which is recommended for its scenic beauty and its plaques on the history of mining in the local area.

The Jud Wiebe Trail

If you’re looking for memorable panoramic views, try the Jud Wiebe Trail. You can easily access it from Telluride; the two trailheads are located in town. Although the trail forms a loop that’s only a few miles in length, it demands a steep climb with a total elevation gain of 1,300 feet. If you tackle this more strenuous trail, you’ll be treated to an astonishing view of the surrounding countryside, including Bridal Veil Falls, a waterfall with a height of 365 feet. The view also encompasses Valley Floor, an idyllic landscape of forests and pastures. The Jud Wiebe Trail will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy fall foliage. With the panoramic view, you’ll drink in the bright, varied colors sweeping across the countryside. The trail also takes you over a creek and through groves of fir, pine, and aspen trees, enveloping you in the atmosphere of the season.

Last Dollar Road

Aspen in Fall with SunFor an adventurous and glorious fall foliage experience, make your way along Last Dollar Road, which is located between Telluride and Ridgway. This bumpy, twisting dirt road was once a supply route for miners and can be enjoyed with a motor vehicle or with a mountain bike. Just be cautious about the road’s surface conditions and abrupt turns. Its rewards include an unbroken view of the San Juan Mountains. Among them is Wilson Peak, which is just over 14,000 feet in height. As you drive along Last Dollar Road, you’ll be surrounded by sunlit meadows and soaring trees ablaze in fall colors. Consider your vehicle options for this off-road course, and pick a day with fine weather. With deep blue skies and mellow autumn light bathing the trees, Last Dollar Road inspires awe.

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Autumn is a special time in Telluride. Although the town is worth visiting throughout the year, the fall foliage is a remarkable experience. Don’t miss the chance to admire the brilliant colors that transform the town and its environs. Contact us here at Telluride Rentals for assistance in finding the perfect vacation rental, or assistance with other aspects of your trip.