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Historic Sheridan Opera House

15 Nov 2016
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Telluride Information

If you plan to spend some time in gorgeous Telluride, Colorado, during your vacation or a weekend getaway, then you may very well be coming to participate in the area's numerous outdoor activities that are popular during every season of the year. That's certainly a great reason to visit Telluride, but you should also plan on enjoying the amazing variety of entertainment that is offered during every month of the year at the historic Sheridan Opera House.

In the Beginning

Following the great success of Telluride as a mining town in the late 1800s, the town grew to the point that it needed a bit more in the way of entertainment than what the numerous saloons could offer. Wealthy mine owners and other people of means in the town began to arrange all types of parties and other forms of entertainment, but the area really needed a bigger space to house grander events for the growing population that was attracted by the natural beauty of Telluride's incredible mountain setting.

The Opera House is Born

The manager of Telluride's New Sheridan Hotel, J.A. Segerberg, fully recognized the need for an entertainment space in 1912. He took his vision to the best architects in the state, and the Segerberg Opera House was completed in March of 1913. An immediate success, the new venue attracted the newest moving pictures, an incredible selection of high-class events and dozens of wonderful traveling troupes.

Through the Years

Prohibition took a big toll on Telluride's success, and the Segerberg Opera House struggled to stay afloat but was eventually forced to close in the early 1930s. However, once Telluride began to be revitalized by its amazing skiing opportunities, the venue was born again as the Sheridan Opera House in the early 1960s. It quickly resumed its role as the place to go for movies and live entertainment, and it continues to flourish today.

Today's Sheridan Opera House

Proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Sheridan Opera House is now a non-profit venue that benefits several charities. The venue continues to draw in today's top performers in all forms of entertainment, provides a home to the Sheridan Arts Foundation, offers a theater program for children and young people and serves as the primary movie theater for the famous Telluride Film Festival.

Sheridan Opera House Bar

Always Great Entertainment

You can count on an amazing variety of live musical entertainment, extravagant theater performances, independent-film showings and many other artistic endeavors to be offered at the Sheridan Opera House regularly. The events are sometimes not scheduled until the last minute, but you can keep up with performances as they are listed on the calendar. You may also become a member of the Sheridan Arts Foundation, which gives you the opportunity to support the arts and allows you to buy advance tickets to every show before they are available to the public. This is a great option because the theater only seats 240 individuals, and tickets to popular events tend to sell out extremely fast.

In addition to the various performances throughout the year, there are several yearly productions that you might want to put on your calendar. These are just a few of the most popular events at the Sheridan Opera House that you might like to enjoy during your stay.

• The Telluride Comedy Festival:

Each February, several of America's best comedians converge upon Telluride to bring four evenings of fun and laughter to the audience members. The show features different comedians each night, so you might want to plan to attend all of the performances.

• The Telluride Film Festival:

Usually scheduled during a September weekend, this film festival is a must for movie buffs. You'll never know beforehand what films will be screened during this event, but many of those in the past have gone on to become Oscar picks. Films are shown throughout Telluride, and many special viewings are always available at the Sheridan Opera House.

• Holiday Performances:

The specific offerings may change each year, but you can depend on being entertained with exceptional holiday performances throughout the month of December. Expect Christmas concerts by everyone from local schoolchildren to top performers, Christmas performances for all ages and a traditional New Year's Gala on Dec. 31.

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