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Telluride Area Goals for 2016

21 Jan 2016
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Telluride Information

When most people hear about Telluride, Colorado, their thoughts immediately go to the awesome vacation pleasures that await visitors during every season of the year. While that's certainly a true statement, Telluride is also a working town of just over 2,000 citizens who all strive to make their part of the world better for both residents and visitors alike each and every year.

Establishing a Solid Future

There's no doubt that Telluride has come a long way since its early beginnings as a silver- and gold-mining camp way back in 1875. These days, Telluride is considered a premier skiing destination from November to April, a hot spot for popular festivals during the summer months and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts all year around. The town's people are also dedicated to the positive growth of their town, and many projects came to fruition in 2015.

  • Water Improvements: The Pandora Water Treatment Plant, along with its incredibly important water-storage system, has been up and running since last spring. This improvement removes worries about the availability of water in times of drought and secures the water needs of the community.
  • Street Improvements: Popular Colorado Avenue was greatly improved, and two pedestrian crosswalks were added for the safety of those who enjoy walking or biking around town.
  • Changes to Town Park: This park is a popular draw for visitors, and the locals love to meet up here all year around. To make it more desirable, both a new swimming pool and restroom facilities have been added.
  • Law Enforcement Upgrade: Last year saw the return of a fully staffed marshal's office. Both police officers and code-enforcement officers are now on the job full time and ready to serve the community.

Sign for the Telluride Town Park

Continuing to Move Forward in 2016

Several plans are already in the works for the current year, and the town leaders are confident that Telluride will continue to grow and prosper without losing any of its wonderful small-town charm. Here are just a few of the many improvements that will be set into motion or continued in 2016.

  • Parking Concerns: The huge amount of visitors to Telluride sometimes makes parking a nightmare on Main Street. A large parking structure is planned for the center of downtown to alleviate this problem.
  • Wider Sidewalks: Because the town is small and many enjoy walking among the downtown businesses, plans are in the works for wider sidewalks. These will allow more people to enjoy their walk in a safer manner.
  • New Housing Facility: As more people choose to make Telluride their permanent home, it's necessary to make housing available. This will be addressed with the addition of some trendy tiny homes at the Virginia Placer.
  • River Restoration: The river is important to Telluride's economy, and it's kept in pristine condition for the best fishing conditions and excellent whitewater rafting. Several improvements are planned to make the river even better and more ecologically friendly.
  • Full-Time Street Crews: Telluride roads will now be attended by a full-time, seven-days-a-week work crew. This is especially important for keeping the roads free of snow and safer for everyone during the extended snowy season.

Visitors are Always Welcome and Appreciated in Telluride

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