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Who stops by your Telluride vacation home when temperatures drop below zero?

11 Jan 2013
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Insider Knowledge

Because Telluride is largely a tourist economy, a significant proportion of properties in Telluride and Mountain Village are second homes. Owners often live thousands of miles away, which makes frequent check-ups impossible. Something as simple and frequent as temperatures dropping below freezing makes it imperative that there is a dedicated caretaker stopping by your vacation home at least once a week to make sure everything is ok. It is also important to have a trusted, reliable professional on-call in case anything needs to be repaired.

Telluride Rentals offers full service Property Management to all property owners in the area. Our experienced, professional and personalized caretakers provide weekly walk-throughs, pro-active repairs, maintenance, remodeling, and other key services when you need them. Our caretakers are available 24/7 if you have any concerns or requests. We are connected to the best local suppliers and are able to negotiate the most competitive rates if any specialized repairs are required.

Please review the Property Management section of our website for more information about our property management services, or call (800)970-7541 and speak with someone about your caretaking requirements.