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Embrace Your Adventurous Side: Make Helitrax Part of Your Excellent Telluride Winter

14 Dec 2015
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Winter in Telluride

Beautifully situated against the majestic San Juan Mountains, lovely Telluride, Colorado, is a winter-sports paradise that draws thousands of skiing enthusiasts to enjoy the 300 inches of snow that falls every year. As an exceptional added bonus for those looking for a truly exciting and unique skiing experience, Telluride is also home to the premier heli-ski company known as Telluride Helitrax.

Helitrax Beginnings

Thanks to four skiing buddies who were passionate about ski mountaineering, Helitrax was born over 30 years ago with the intention of sharing the mountains in a new and exciting way. What began as a fun time for the family and friends of the original creators of Helitrax has evolved into a family-owned guide service that offers a personalized skiing experience to all guests. With a US Forest Service Special Use Permit, Helitrax clients may enjoy exclusive helicopter access to over 200 square miles of terrain in the San Juan Mountains.

What to Expect

Your group will be provided with a professional guide and flown on a Eurocopter AS350 B3e. Safety comes first at Helitrax, and this particular helicopter is used because it is specifically built for high-altitude mountain flying. You will be dropped off at your selected run, and you'll find a wonderful selection of moderate angle heli-skiing for intermediate skiers and advanced runs that are only for expert skiers and snowboarders.

Available Trips

Because everyone has a different idea about what makes the perfect heli-ski trip, Helitrax offers a nice selection of trip packages. These are just a few of the most popular, and you can visit Telluride Helitrax to get more information and book your trip. During every trip, you'll be provided with all of the proper equipment and everything that you need for a safe and fun experience.

  • Single-Day Heli-Ski Trip: A popular selection for your first time enjoying a heli-ski experience, this trip offers a day filled with six amazing runs that total 10,000 to 12,000 vertical feet. Your day will end with a celebration that includes live entertainment and excellent food and drinks.
  • Multi-Day Heli-Ski Trip: Many people choose this trip after they've had a taste of a single-day heli-ski trip. You're free to choose anything between a two- and five-day trip, and you're guaranteed a minimum of six runs each day. You'll have your choice of landing zones, so be ready to ski your days away.
  • Custom Heli-Ski Tour: You bring your own group, and you may choose a day of extreme challenges or any other type of skiing experience that you may be interested in. This is an exclusive, private trip, and Helitrax will make the plans for drops at the perfect runs when you let the company know what you have in mind.
  • Back-Country Ski Tour: If you would prefer to spend some time enjoying some back-country skiing, then expert guides are ready to introduce you to the best spots in the San Juan Mountains for this type of adventure. You can skip the hike by signing up for a helicopter-assisted tour.


Enjoy a Luxurious Visit

When you visit Telluride this winter to enjoy the Helitrax experience, we invite you to come stay with us at Telluride Vacation Rentals. We offer more than 70 hand-picked luxury residences that come complete with your own personal concierge service. We'll be happy to set up your reservations for Helitrax or any of the other wonderful opportunities that are available in Telluride. Make your reservations with us today, and you'll soon be enjoying a wonderful winter vacation.