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Extreme Winter Adventures in Telluride, Colorado

Snowmobiling in the Wilson's in Telluride
7 Nov 2015
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Winter in Telluride

Gorgeous Telluride, Colorado, is the perfect weekend getaway or vacation destination for nature enthusiasts during every season of the year, but the winter months offer some really special opportunities that you won't want to miss. If you are among those brave souls who are only truly happy when they are pursuing some amazingly awesome activities, then you'll want to be making your winter plans to visit Telluride for a wonderful selection of the best extreme winter activities that can be found anywhere in the entire country.

Telluride's Extreme Winter Activities

A winter visit to Telluride will give you several great chances to get in touch with your wild side in the most fun ways that you could possibly imagine.

Helicopter Skiing:

Prepare to experience the thrill of a lifetime when you visit Telluride Helitrax for the ultimate in heli-ski adventures. Your journey will take you into the very heart of the San Juan Mountains, where you will find yourself at some of the highest elevations in North America for skiing opportunities that take you off incredible summits and into wonderfully high alpine basins. Your day will begin with a thrilling ride on the sleek S350 B3e helicopter, and you better be well rested because your day will be filled with six challenging runs that total around 12,000 vertical feet. Experienced guides will always be nearby for support, but they won't interfere in your fun. Some amazing social activities complete with great food and drinks and excellent entertainment will end your perfect day of skiing.

ice climbing

Ice Climbing:

Check out this cool ice-climbing adventure in Telluride's beautiful San Juan Mountains. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to climb a completely frozen waterfall in a stunningly beautiful area. Be ready for an awesome challenge as you scale the ice using ice axes and grappling hooks, and you'll be perfectly safe with the help of your professional guide, helmet and safety harness.

Speed Flying:

Only in Telluride will you find the opportunity to combine paragliding with skiing so that you can literally feel as if you are flying free as a bird. This activity allows you to disregard the fact that a cliff is way too steep to ski because you can just fly right over it. Only the most experienced skiers should attempt this extreme winter activity, and you can find out more by visiting Telluride Paragliding.

Snowmobile Adventures:

A ride on a snowmobile is always fun, but Telluride Outside takes this activity to some extreme levels. You'll find a wide range of guided snowmobile adventures to enjoy.

Those looking for a full day of fun may like to sign up for the popular Dunton Hot Springs tour, which is open to all adventurous riders. You'll get to know your snowmobile well on this 28-mile trek across the Rocky Mountains that takes you from Fall Creek to Dunton across Black Mesa. Along the way, you'll enjoy a wealth of powder shots and great play on this excellent terrain. Once you've made it to Dunton, you'll be provided with a soak in the hot springs and a gourmet meal before you make the trek back.

Those snowmobiling lovers who are quite experienced may want to choose an advanced half-day or full-day tour. You'll experience hundreds of acres of challenging terrain that are highlighted by glades and rolling hills. Participants will be offered plenty of time to play and explore Beaver Park and the Black Mesa area.

Spend Some Time With Us This Winter

The season of winter is truly a magical time in Telluride, and you will find these and many other special activities to enjoy during your visit. Contact us here at Telluride Vacation Rentals today, and we will lock in your reservations for a luxury home or condo so that you can relax in perfect comfort between your fabulous outings.