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Four Amazing Reasons That Skiing is Fabulous in Telluride

2 Dec 2015
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Winter in Telluride

This is that wonderful time of the year that skiing enthusiasts from all over the world have been looking forward to with so much anticipation and excitement. The winter weather has officially arrived in Colorado, and it's time to head on over to beautiful Telluride for some of the best skiing that can be found anywhere on the planet. With the incredible, 2,000-acres of deep, steep and diverse terrain that is accessible by lift, it's really no wonder that Telluride is among the most popular ski destinations in the entire world.

Skiing Perfection

1. The Perfect Weather

With an average yearly snowfall of more than 300 inches, you can count on the most perfect of skiing conditions. You'll also have just over a full four months of skiing to enjoy with a general opening day in late November and a closing day in early April. Throughout the skiing season, you can expect the snow to accumulate to over 10-inches deep.

Perfect Weather for Skiing in Telluride

2. Excellent Terrain for All Skill Levels

Though Telluride has a tremendous appeal to thrill seekers, that doesn't mean there aren't safe, fun trails for beginners and intermediate skiers. The area is a family-friendly destination, and you'll see children as young as age 2 trying out their skis. You'll find runs that are specified for beginners, intermediate, advanced or professional skiers. Every beginner should head over to the Sunshine Lift to enjoy gorgeous, wide-open trails for easy practice. Most all skill levels will also enjoy slopes that are located on the Black Iron Bowl, the Gold Hill Chutes, Bald Mountain and the Palmyra Peak.

3. Excellent Advanced Skiing Options

You'll find many runs dedicated to only advanced, expert or professional skiers, and many who are experienced in extreme skiing make the hike to the 13,320-foot Palmyra Peak summit for a truly exciting trip down the mountain. It's about a 30-minute hike after the lift has dropped you off at the avalanche gate. If that's not enough to get you excited, then you might want to check out a heart-stopping heli-ski adventure. This is available through Telluride Helitrax, and you can expect to ski at some of North America's highest elevations after being dropped out of a helicopter.

Heli Skiing in Telluride

4. An Abundance of Skiing Choices

With close to 150 runs and three terrain parks, there's no place like Telluride's San Juan Mountains for a full selection of skiing opportunities. You may like the Plunge, which is a classic run that offers breathtaking views as you ski down 3,140 vertical feet, and you'll find heart-pumping excitement on the Spiral Stairs.

At Ute Park, beginners and intermediate skiers can hone their skills while enjoying small jumps, a mini half pipe, bank turns and rollers. Hoot Brown Park offers an intermediate area with 10- to 20-foot jumps, barrel rolls, wall rides and rails. This park's advanced section will provide you with a full day of 25- to 50-foot jumps, a thrilling ride on the signature Pick Ax Rail and a wild ride on the whale's tail.

Stay Warm With Us This Winter

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