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Winter weather watching: I can't help it!

5 Nov 2010
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Winter in Telluride

So this winter I vowed that I was not going to obsess over the weather forecast. My plan, until about a week ago, was that I was just going to sit back and be surprised by those 2 foot white outs that us mountain folk live for. No more online 'storm chasing' for me. I was going to enjoy the winter weather the old fashioned way.

WELL, the ski season is still over 3 weeks away for kick off, and I have failed in my 'weather-forecast-abstinence' already. Thanksgiving is approaching fast, and I am driving myself nuts with all my internal monologue: what is the long range forecast for this winter, it has snowed a foot already, so when is the next big fall, how cold is this winter going to be etc etc (sounds silly huh, its always freezing in the winter Colorado, cold is cold right)?! I am fanatically checking the various forecast websites, trying to get a sneek peek of Telluride winter weather 2010/2011.

My absolute bible of snowy reference is Joel Gratz's Colorado Powder Forecast This guy rarely gets it wrong for the big storms, and makes the weather forecast a little more entertaining that good old NOAA or The Weather Channel. A friend recommended this site to me at the beginning of last winter and I check it daily.

As for YOUR Telluride vacation, unfortunately I cannot predict the weather, but I can bring to you the latest and greatest news from the Telluride valley, and from Telluride Rentals.

This week, we have a truly magnificent new Telluride Rental's property to announce: Russell Estate. This phenomenal 8 bedroom, 8.5 bathroom, ski in-ski out home is located directly on the bottom of the Galloping Goose ski run, and on the 3rd hole of the golf course in summer. Russell Estate is undoubtedly one of Telluride's most luxurious rental homes. Russell Estate is one of the few remaining large rental homes available for the Christmas/New Year holiday period with Telluride Rentals.

snow covered mountain forest in Telluride
Russell Estate - 10,000 square feet of absolute luxury!

For more information on Telluride Rentals & our properties, visit our website or call us on

In the mean time, I will be doing a snow dance for all of our guests (and prospective guests) to the Snow Gods in the San Juans.

Have a great weekend!