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Area Attractions

With all of the amazing outdoor activities available in lovely Telluride, Colorado, it's sometimes difficult to pull yourself away to check out the other cool attractions in the area. However, you'll really be missing out if you don't. For example, Telluride's earliest inhabitants, the Native American Ute tribe, left behind a great many traces of their existence. You'll be able to see many Native American sites with a visit to the Ute Indian Museum and the Ute Tribal Park. Telluride is also within a short distance to several national parks, and you'll see some beautiful sights with a day trip to the Mesa Verde National Park, the Canyonlands National Park or the Arches National Park. The many scenic drives are perfect for those looking for nature photos as well. The town of Telluride is simply surrounded by wonder and awe-inspiring beauty, and you deserve to experience it all.