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Diggity Dog

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This is fast food for breakfast and lunch at great prices, and it doesn't taste a thing like the fast food that you'd normally get in other places. Close your eyes, and your taste buds are going to tell you that you're in Chicago instead of Telluride, but that's just because of the perfect beef or turkey Chicago-style hot dog that you can get at this popular eatery. Perfectly situated in Mountain Village near several ski lifts, this is a great spot to refuel between trips down the slopes. This company has been satisfying customers for nearly 20 years, and you can expect incredible menu items that also include a great selection of burgers, a variety of barbecued meats and tofu dogs for the vegetarian set. If you want a quick start to your day, then you can also get a special breakfast dog in the mornings that is made up of scrambled eggs and sausage links on a warm poppy-seed bun.

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