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Telluride Restaurants

An important part of every great vacation is the chance to get a taste of the local cuisine, and you'll definitely want to let your taste buds loose to sample all of the incredible flavors that you'll discover in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. Click on the links below, and you'll find much more than a simple breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get ready for an abundance of mouth-watering menu items that stretch from warm, fresh-baked breads that perfectly hold your sandwich or burger to the most decadent of homemade desserts that are completely worth a little extra workout time. You'll also have the opportunity to enjoy mountain cuisine that is exquisitely created by master chefs, hearty breakfast fare that will have you ready for a full day of outdoor activities, tasty vegetarian offerings, festive after-ski bites, special menus that will get your children excited about real food and incredible coffees and chocolate drinks that will knock your socks off. As an added bonus, many of these restaurants are situated in a way that offers spectacular mountain views to diners.