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Friends with Bennys

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Breakfast Restaurants

As the creators of the first mobile, gourmet-breakfast cart in all of Telluride, these chefs have elevated cart dining to a true art form. This custom-made breakfast cart utilizes a full kitchen that is meticulously run by creative, friendly chefs who offer delicious breakfast fare that is made from local, farm-fresh ingredients. Come and enjoy this outdoor-dining experience, and you'll be treated to breakfast sandwiches and other exceptional offerings that are all made fresh each morning. Vegetarian enthusiasts adore the veggie sandwich, which comes with a fried egg, red onions, avocado slices, a bit of arugula and a classic hollandaise sauce on a homemade, sourdough English muffin. Of course, there are also plenty of sandwiches that will satisfy the lovers of meat and cheese as well, and you should add a fresh-squeezed orange juice to your order to round out the perfect breakfast.

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