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Dinner Restaurants

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Side Work has created an intimate setting that creates the experience of a cozy 1950's American lounge. It offers a full menu...

Steamies Burger Bar in Telluride

Steamies Burger Bar is the newest, hottest, STEAMIEST place in town! Serving up the American classic with a contemporary twist plus lots...

Tacos del Gnar Serves Delicious Tacos, Margaritas and Beer

Taco del Gnar, also known as the Gnarly Taco, was born and is considered an "elevated fast food restaurant". With a fun...

Telluride Bistro

Telluride Bistro provides world-class cuisine at down-to-earth prices in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere with friendly, thoughtful service. Sergio Gonzales, our award winning...

Telluride Truffle

Telluride Truffle chocolates are freshly handmade from Belgian chocolate, Colorado organic cream, fine liquors, natural flavors and absolutely no preservatives. The triangular...

The Cornerhouse in Telluride Colorado

The Cornerhouse is a kid friendly restaurant serving up great sandwiches, grilled chicken and hamburgers. With a wide array of appetizers, our...