Pre-stocked Groceries

Thanks to the area’s natural beauty and fabulous outdoor activities all year around, there’s absolutely no doubt that a visit to stunning Telluride, Colorado, provides an exceptional experience like no other. However, a Telluride vacation is similar to other vacations in one very important aspect, and that’s simply the fact that you’ll need to keep yourself and your family fed during your stay.

Eating Well in Telluride

It’s true that amazing restaurants can be found throughout Telluride, and you can expect to enjoy everything from homemade pizzas to high-end gourmet dining. However, you’ll probably want to take advantage of the full gourmet kitchen that is available in many of our vacation homes, and we make that simple by providing all of our visitors with easy access to a wonderful, time-saving service.

Pre-Stocked Groceries Available

This is one of our most popular services, and you can easily have your kitchen stocked with the groceries of your choice when you arrive so that you don’t have to worry about shopping. You can order groceries right from your computer to be delivered and put away by the professionals at Telluride Delivers. We’ll be happy to be available to open the door for delivery purposes, and you can use the company’s convenient Keysafe Program for orders made after you arrive.

A Wonderful Selection

You’ll find everything that you need here for every meal of the day and snacks as well. Check out all of these great items that are available, and here are a few ideas for you to consider when shopping.

Amazing Backyard Barbecues

Many of our vacation homes come with a private deck that offers a hot tub, a barbecue grill and awesome views of the surrounding mountains. Be barbecue ready with an order that includes ground beef for hamburgers and hot dogs for the children, and the adults can enjoy a variety of steaks that includes New York strip and sirloin.

An Unforgettable Gourmet Dinner

Whether you make it yourself or allow your personal chef to create an extraordinary gourmet meal, you’ll have the perfect choice of exceptional foods to choose from. Start with a nice pate, and order steaks and lobster for a winning surf-and-turf experience. A good champagne or a fine wine will complete the perfect dinner.

Be Ready for Hungry Children

If you’re vacationing with children, then you already know that they tend to always think that they are hungry. You’ll be prepared with an order that includes cereal, peanut butter, jelly, fresh fruit and vegetables, lunch meat, cheese, crackers, chips, cookies, fresh juices and soda.

Enjoy a Hearty Mountain Breakfast

Your days are going to be full of fun activities, so you’ll want to be sure to stay energized by filling up on a good breakfast. Order ham, bacon, sausage, eggs and a pancake mix with a good syrup for a fabulous and delicious start to your day.

Adult Fun

It’s time for a party, and you’ll want your bar fully stocked for the occasion. Order a nice selection of exported and imported beers, scotch, brandy, rum, gin and bourbon, and don’t forget about the fresh juices for mixing. You might also like to add a popular party tray to your order to round out a fun evening.

Make Your Reservations Today

Contact us here at Telluride Rentals to reserve your preferred luxury vacation home today, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to tell you more about the option of pre-stocked groceries and all of our other great services.