About Us

Here at Telluride Rentals, we take great pride in every one of our carefully selected team members. Each brings to the planning table an exceptionally high degree of professional experience in the vacation rental market, personal knowledge that comes from living in the area and an extensive background in global travel. You’ll also find each member of the staff to be friendly, excited about Telluride and eager to help you achieve the perfect vacation experience.

Staff members work as a team to bring you the very best of everything that Telluride has to offer. In addition to providing you with the high level of service and detail that is found in top luxury resorts all around the world, you can also expect to benefit from each team member’s unique experiences within Telluride. If you want to know about a specific festival, hiking trail or ski run, then one of the staff members will have a personal experience to share with you.

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To help you learn more about what we have to offer you here at Telluride Rentals, we’ve created a few special sections with much more information. Feel free to click on each section that you’re interested in, and you may also contact us directly with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Meet Our Team

All of our twenty staff members are also residents of Telluride and completely devoted to sharing the best of the community with the rest of the world. Knowledgeable about the entire area, you can expect to get prompt answers to all of your questions and the best recommendations to help you plan the perfect Telluride vacation or weekend getaway. This section allows you to get to know more about each of our staff members and send an email directly to them as well.

Guest FAQ

We fully understand that you are going to have questions and concerns about arranging for your visit with us here at Telluride Rentals, and we want to do everything possible to make you feel comfortable while providing you with all of the answers. This section covers everything that we are normally asked, and you’ll find answers about our concierge services, deposit and cancellation policies, available amenities and so much more. Visit this section for the complete FAQ.

Our Reviews

Nothing can help you know what to expect quite like a first-hand account from someone who has booked their Telluride vacation with us, so we’ve created a section where we will continually add up-to-date reviews of our services by real clients. We appreciate our great reviews, and we take any negative feedback seriously and take steps to rectify any problems or concerns right away. You can see everything that our clients have to say in this section.

Press and Media

This section is devoted to giving you easy access to videos and articles that address our work here at Telluride Rentals and at our sister site for travelers headed to the tropical vacation destination of Punta Mita, Mexico. Visit this section often to see the latest news.

Please contact us to find out more information on our luxury vacation rentals.