Weather in Telluride

Perfect Weather for Incredible Outdoor Activities All Year Long

Most popular vacation destinations feature maybe one or two seasons of the year that are perfect for visitors, but those who choose stunning Telluride, Colorado, for their fun getaway can plan to enjoy a wonderful selection of amazing activities during every season of the year. The area’s fabulous weather plays a big part in allowing visitors to participate in a great many outdoor activities in an area that is simply teeming with natural beauty all year around.

With summer temperatures that typically top out at around 80 degrees, you can enjoy outdoor fun without the fear of heat exhaustion, and the winter months will provide you with a consistent fall of fluffy, white snow for a guaranteed season of wonderful winter fun. Both the spring and fall seasons are absolutely exquisite, and you’ll find those months have many special offerings as well.

Come have fun with us in Telluride. Any time of the year is the right time to visit.

A Winter Wonderland

Yes, winters are cold in Telluride, and that’s exactly what you want from one of America’s top skiing destinations. You’ll enjoy many sunny days, and January is the coldest month with lows around 16 degrees. You’ll never have to worry about waiting for machines to churn out a little fake snow because Mother Nature graces the area with well over 300 inches of snowfall every single year, and there are some 2,000 acres available for you to pursue the wonderful sport of skiing.

Of course, there are plenty of other incredible winter activities available for everyone from the youngest toddler to their loving grandparents. Entire families adore the wonderful outdoor ice skating rinks, and snowmobile rides are extremely popular. If you yearn for an extreme activity during the winter months, then you won’t be disappointed either when you try out some challenging helicopter skiing.

Splendid Spring

You truly can expect the best of both worlds during spring in Telluride. Those who choose to visit in early spring can still get in some skiing right up until early April, and those who visit a bit later can enjoy some more spring-like activities. A bit later in the month of April, you’ll find pleasant highs in the 50s, and May will give you slightly higher temperatures in the 60s.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year to head out and explore the many hiking trails. You may also choose to bike or navigate the trails from horseback, and you’ll be able to explore the mountains, see wonderful fields of colorful wildflowers and spot many wild animals heading out to forage for food and a drink of water after the long winter has gone. With these great spring temperatures, golfing enthusiasts can spend entire days enjoying their favorite game on the area’s stunning golf courses.

Summer Perfection

Telluride’s warmest month has historically been July, and even then you’ll see highs at no more than 80 degrees and nice nighttime lows of around 51 degrees. Telluride summers allow you to spend your days outside enjoying a great selection of activities, and you can still enjoy a fire in your fireplace in the evenings or some time outside around the fire-pit or a nice bonfire.

Summer is the season for both festivals and concerts, and there is something for everyone. You can start with festivities that include the Telluride Balloon Festival and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in June. Move on to the grand Fireman’s 4th of July Celebration and the Ride Music Festival in July, and round out your summer with the Telluride Jazz Festival and the Tellride Film Festival in August. Concerts featuring popular musicians from every genre are held regularly at Town Park and at venues throughout Telluride all summer long.

Activities are beyond abundant at this time of the year, and anglers flock to the Uncompahgre River and the San Miguel River for some fabulous fishing. Thanks to all of that melting snow, summer is also the perfect time to experience a wild ride with some excellent whitewater rafting.

Vivid Fall

This season brings high temperatures of between 55 and 65 degrees with lows between 34 and 44 degrees, and you can expect to experience some spectacular color changes to the mountain foliage beginning in late September. It’s the perfect time of the year to see the vivid colors from an exciting aerial adventure, or you may like to head out on one of the many scenic drives that offer several stopping points to enjoy the view and take great pictures.

Temperatures in the fall are also optimal for experiencing some exciting rock climbing in a beautiful, natural setting. ATV and motorcycle adventures are very popular at this time of the year, and thrilling off-road experiences are also available to those seeking a really fun ride.

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