Property Owners

For over ten years we have been committed to being the provider of choice for luxury properties in the Telluride region. Our success has been based on many years of providing outstanding service to both owners and guests, many of whom return year after year.

Telluride Rentals has a state-of-the-art website which has been rated in the top 97.6 percentile for all e-commerce websites in terms of its marketing effectiveness by Website Grader. Think of this as the Grammy of websites! We also boast one of the top ten vacation rental homes in North America according to Trip Advisor. published an exclusive list that included the ten “most luxurious & opulent” rental properties on its site and we are very proud to have had our company included. Our properties consistently get exposure across all luxury travel channels including, but not limited to; Forbes, Robb Report, Luxury Homes,, and the DuPont Registry.

Our Telluride team is composed of the highest level of professionals in the vacation rental market. Each Telluride Rentals employee is selected with great care; resulting in a well-educated, efficient, professional and service-oriented staff. We answer the phone seven days a week and have emergency assistance available around the clock.

Telluride Rentals creates its own demand through our strong marketing efforts. We do not rely on wholesalers or central reservations to do the bulk of our work at an additional 20% cost to owners. We are unique in the fact that we bring in over 85% of our rentals directly. This is an important consideration as many other local companies continue to collect their full commission, in addition to paying 20% to referral services.

We thank you in advance for choosing Telluride Rentals; we are a successful close-knit team that consistently outperforms other rental companies in both revenue to owner and in property care.