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River rafting is one of the most popular water activities to be found in lovely Telluride, Colorado, and it offers great appeal whether you're looking for a thrilling ride or a peaceful trip down the river. Your experience depends on the time of the year that you decide to take your rafting trip. You can expect a wild whitewater rafting trip when you visit during the time of the spring runoff, or you can choose any other time of the year to enjoy a peaceful float down the river. You'll find excellent river rafting on the Gunnison River, the Uncompahgre River and the San Miguel River, and there are plenty of professional tour companies available to ensure that your entire party enjoys a safe and fun adventure. Don't be surprised if you're treated to the sight of deer enjoying a drink as you float on by, and your rafting trip will take you among picturesque canyons and an abundance of stunning scenery.

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