Wedding Planning

Wedding planning in Telluride

Where to start? Planning your dream wedding.

Congratulations! You are engaged. Being newly engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life. You are about to embark on a wonderful journey with the love of your life. After the initial elation, you start to imagine your special day and all of the details that go with it. Where will you have your wedding? How many people should you invite? Where will everyone stay? Should you hire a band or a DJ? What activities and events should you arrange for your guests? How will everyone get here? The endless list of questions quickly start to build up in your mind, and you might start to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks that lie ahead. We encourage you to stick with those feelings of love and excitement, and let our local Telluride professionals take care of the details.

Your wedding should reflect your personal style as a couple.

We understand that every couple is different, and each wedding is completely unique to the couple’s style and preferences. You may have always imaged your wedding being a small and intimate affair including only your closest family and friends. Or maybe you are the type who has always envisaged a week long celebration and a huge party with hundreds of your nearest and dearest.

A few things to consider.

There are so many things to consider, and we want to help you prepare your checklist of considerations for your wedding. At Telluride Rentals, we can provide you with a wealth of local Telluride information, to help you create the perfect celebration. We have a list of preferred vendors that we can put you in touch with including. You can also visit our wedding and event resources page for more details:

  • experienced wedding planners
  • event equipment rentals
  • catering companies
  • florists
  • ceremony and reception venues
  • wedding photographers and videographers
  • spas and salons
  • entertainment and musicians

We can also assist you in house in planning certain parts of your event including:

  • comprehensive lodging options for your entire group
  • concierge for activities, restaurant reservations, transfers, grocery stocking service, baby equipment rentals etc.

Wedding Planner Services & Packages

Here are some examples of the wedding package and planning offers available from the various wedding planners included on our preferred vendor list. The options range from fully customized, bespoke wedding planning, to more simple planning support that helps you tie up loose ends closer to the day.

  • Full Service, bespoke Wedding Coordination
    If you are a couple who plans to have a carte-blanche wedding, with bespoke details from the very beginning until you’re off on your honeymoon, then bespoke wedding coordination is perfect for you.
  • Full Service, By Your Side Wedding Planning
    This comprehensive plan provides the same full service as the Bespoke plan above. The main difference is the planner does not need to be present at every vendor meeting.
  • Guiding Light Wedding Planning
    This supportive plan provides a planning option from beginning to end, for the couple who would like to be more independent and attend most of their own vendor meetings.
  • Final Moments Wedding Planning
    This plan is for the couple who prefer to take care of most of the planning for their own event but would like the services of a destination planner in the end to finalize their wedding plans.
  • A La Carte
    Wedding Planning that includes special services

Additionally, there are options and special services you may choose to add to your plan or request as separate assistance.

Options For Your Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Choosing the perfect wedding venue for your ceremony and reception is probably the most important decision you will make for your big day. Well, aside from the ring and the dress of course! This is not an easy decision, and will likely take time and work finding the option that is perfect for you as a couple. If you are a traditionalist, you may opt for a church ceremony followed by a reception in a private home, hotel, or venue. Or maybe you want your guests to experience the majestic beauty of Telluride, and opt for a mountaintop ceremony followed by an intimate gathering at a local restaurant. Either way, your choice will set the tone for your event, and you want your decision to express your style as a couple. When you send your ‘save-the-date’ or official wedding invitation, you will be giving your guests a sneak peak of what to expect on your wedding day.

Below are a few ideas to get you thinking about your wedding ceremony and reception options:

  • Weddings in Churches
  • Weddings at Major Resort Hotels
  • Weddings in Private Homes
  • Weddings on Mountain tops
  • Garden Weddings
  • Theme Weddings
  • Weddings with Breathtaking Overviews
  • Wedding Receptions at a Telluride Restaurant
  • Weddings at the Historical Museum & Other Unique Venues

Planning other special ‘life’ events

Getting married in Telluride is just one of many special events you might choose to celebrate in our beautiful mountain town. Telluride Rentals has special offers for guests who return to Telluride for subsequent ‘life’ events including milestone birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette weekends and special retreats with friends. If you get married here in Telluride, we want to you to be able to return over and over again, to relive the memories you have of this special place!

Do you still have questions about hosting your wedding or special event in Telluride? Visit our FAQ’s page to see the most frequently asked questions we receive.