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Telluride Outside

10 Jul 2015
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Operating since 1984, our friends at Telluride Outside make up one of the most reputable and well-established guiding services in Southwest Colorado.  The guides are seasoned veterans who have grown up in the San Juan Mountains, though that doesn’t mean you need experience too.  Telluride Outside focuses on teaching the basics in each of its seven different tour options: fly fishing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, 4WD tours, stand up paddle boarding, snowmobile and photography tours.  While each of these adventures do have peak seasons, fly fishing and photography tours run year round.  More information is available at, or at the main office located in the Telluride Angler Shop on main street. For more information on the activities offered by Telluride Outside, keep reading!
Fly Fishing:
Fly Fishing in Telluride

Fly fishing tours are perhaps the most popular offering from Telluride Outside. 

They run tours all months of the year, for all experience levels and ages.  All fishing gear is available to rent, though the Telluride Angler store has an impressive selection of gear and flies for the experienced fisherman.  Participants can sign up for private or public water trips, ranging from just a few hours to three day long trips based out of a ranch owned by the company. Each trip includes gear fitting, instruction, and several hours on the water, floating or wading through the river.
River Rafting:
River Rafting Telluride Colorado

Whitewater river rafting is very dependent on conditions and season, but in June and early July is a Telluride classic. 

Telluride Outside offers trips on a number of different rivers near and far from Telluride.  Excursions on the Dolores River travel through historic canyons, once home to ancient cultures, where petroglyphs and cliff dwellings are a beautiful sight from the river.
TO’s 4WD tours offer an immersive experience surrounding mountains.  The tours take you up into the high mountain passes surrounding Telluride, providing awesome views and new perspectives down into the Telluride box canyon.  These tours are perfect for all ages, an exciting adventure with minimal exertion.  Two tour options also take you to ghost mining towns that once formed the backbone working force of Telluride, Alta and Tomboy Mine.
Mountain Biking:
Stand Up Paddle Telluride Colorado

Mountain Biking in the San Juan Mountains can be as laid back as you want. 

The classic mountain bike tour takes you down the Galloping Goose trail, 17 miles of near continuous downhill fit for riders of any ability.  If you are looking for something a little more intense, custom tours are available that will take you on the less travelled bike trails around Telluride that are sure to provide a thrill.
Stand up paddle boarding guided trips are family-oriented relaxing day trips.  Learning the basics is very simple and takes only a short time, and the rest of the day you are left to enjoy the beautiful scenery and tranquil waters. No experience necessary.
Snowmobile Tours:
Snowmobile tours are the best winter adventure off the ski mountain.  Although they can get a bit cold if you’re not in the driver seat, snowmobiles offer the biggest surge of adrenaline Telluride Outside has to offer.  Half day and full day tours take you through beautiful meadows and wide trails with stunning views of nearby mountain ranges, and a chance to see rare wildlife such as mountain lions, foxes, or elk.  Drivers must be at least 16 years old with a valid drivers license, though drivers for double-sleds must be 21 years old, and the second rider can be no younger than 6.  There is an advanced option for experienced snowmobile riders.

Photography lessons in Telluride and the surrounding area could be the most rewarding activity in which you partake upon during your trip. 

Perfect for beginners or intermediate photographers, the guides focus on how to easily find photo inspiration and capture unique moments that you might otherwise never notice.  This adventure is a must do simply because of the endless photo opportunities around Telluride, from waterfalls and wildflower fields to mountain ranges and ghost towns.