Enjoy Winter Fly Fishing in Telluride

Winter Fly fishing in Telluride

Imagine a brisk, beautiful day in Colorado. It’s winter, the sun is out, and the stunning landscape of snow, mountains, and rivers beckons you outdoors. Along with skiing, sledding, and skating, you can enjoy hours of fly fishing. During a winter visit to Telluride, fly fishing is a memorable way to challenge yourself and immerse yourself in the gorgeous countryside surrounding the town.

Where Can You Go Fly Fishing?

Uncompahgre River This river will give you an exciting and productive fishing trip throughout the year. In the winter, it doesn’t tend to freeze over, and you have a good chance of catching trout. A recommended point of access to the river is Pa-Co-Chu-Puk Campground at Ridgway State Park. It’s roughly an hour away from Telluride and offers brilliant scenery, including views of sweeping forests and the San Juan Mountains.

San Miguel River  Even if you don’t make plans for fly fishing, you’ll want to at least stroll along this beautiful river. Its headwaters are in the mountains, and it flows through Telluride, making it one of the most popular features in town. For fly fishing, you’ll want to head out of town to find the best spots. Although the river’s headwaters are a prime location, winter conditions may prompt you to pick fishing spots at lower elevations.

Taylor River  The tailwater for this river is worth a fishing expedition throughout the year, and you can catch trout there. Making the trip in the winter requires some extra caution because of potentially unsafe roads. Traveling with an experienced guide is advisable.

Gunnison River  February and March are particularly good months for a winter fishing trip to the Gunnison River. This river was formed by the Taylor River joining the East River, and much of it flows through the gorgeous Gunnison National Forest.

Dolores River  Although the winter fishing is generally slower than in other rivers, it’s still worth checking out. Be sure to pay attention to the regularly updated reports on fishing conditions. The Dolores River runs through spectacular scenery, and some of the best fishing spots may be found off of more remote trails.

Taking a Guided Fishing Trip

Relying on a local guide for fly fishing is a great idea for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Guides have extensive knowledge of the area, including the best stretches of public and private water.
  • Their knowledge allows them to make personalized recommendations for your trip.
  • They can provide transportation and ensure that you don’t lose your way or suffer accidents in any wilderness areas.
  • They offer the equipment you’ll need for your fishing trip, including rods, reels, and waders.
  • Their organized trips may include delicious meals and other perks that will enrich your visit to Telluride.

One of the recommended groups to check out is Telluride Outside. Since the 1980s, they’ve been taking people on guided tours of the region, including winter excursions for fly fishing. They offer equipment rentals and a variety of trips to prime fishing spots on public and private waters. Their packages include day trips and overnight visits with lodging. Another group worth checking out is Telluride Fly Fishers. They organize customized trips to the San Miguel and Dolores Rivers, and they offer assistance with fishing skills and techniques.

Fly fishing can become an exciting part of your winter trip to Telluride. If you choose the right spots and get equipped with the best brands, your fishing excursion will be a memorable success. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about fly fishing during the winter. We can discuss possible locations and help you choose luxurious lodgings, making your trip a combination of outdoor thrills and indoor indulgence.

Telluride Rentals

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