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Our Telluride Rentals private residences offer an idyllic and exclusive setting for weddings and special events. We would like to use this blog to highlight some of the benefits of a private residence and the process for renting a home for your wedding or special event. A Telluride Rental’s home offers you and your guests a private and unique space for your special event. Unlike hotels and function centers, private residence’s allow you to celebrate in a setting that is all yours. You can choose your own caterer, hire a loud band, and set the property up just as you would if it were your own home. You really have unlimited choices when you rent a private residence for your event.

We get a lot of calls from prospective brides and a lot of questions that we are more than happy to answer. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked, and their answers….

Is there a minimum number of nights that I have to rent the house for?

Just like our regular rentals, we do require a 4 night stay for all events. We find that most events require this amount of time for all set up and pack down.

Why do you charge an event fee?

Unlike event centers and restaurants, our private homes are not built or intended for large gatherings and parties as their primary use. However, we do have a few homeowners who are flexible and will accommodate special events. These owners want to be sure that they are covered for wear and tear of the home, beyond their regular usage. Because these are $10million + homes, the owners request event fees so that they can cover their inevitable costs of repairs and replacement after several events. Events fees are set by the homeowners and range between $1,000-$10,000 for 20-100 guests. Fees may be more for very large weddings and events, and vary depending on each home owner’s requirements.

What other charges do I need to know about?

Owners require guests to take out a special event insurance policy to cover the hosts and their guests in the event that something unexpected happens. These insurance policies are usually around $300. Some homes also require guests to rent a large trash unit depending on the size of the event. Furniture that needs to be moved needs to be done by a Telluride Rentals staff member, or in the event of very large items, a furniture moving company may need to be employed. We ask that guests do not move any furniture.

I think I need a wedding planner. Who is the best in the business in Telluride?

Many of our bride’s use Wendy Jacobs from Soiree Telluride. In case you need a reference, take a look at this letter of thanks from Ricky & Ralph Lauren for the Bush/Lauren wedding in 2011. Wendy can be reached in 970-708-0297 or you can email Wendy at

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