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The Butcher and Baker in Telluride

Here at Telluride Rentals, we frequently get asked for advice from our guests on where are the best spots to eat and drink in Telluride and Mountain Village. We realize this is a very subjective question, but we did a very informal (and I am sure wildly inaccurate) office survey and we want to share our top picks with you!

1. Best Brunch – it’s hard to go past The Butcher and The Baker for Sunday brunch. This little breakfast and lunch spot opened up about 2.5 years ago and many of us wonder what we ever did for food before they opened their doors. Cinda and Megan keep the town of Telluride well fed with locally sourced, organic produce. Items on their brunch menu range from veggie hash, green eggs and ham scramble and gluten free pancakes. Every day they serve delicious fresh baked goodies including pain au chocolat, cinda buns and croissants.

2. Best Burger – the Flora Dora Saloon is a Telluride institution and it’s no surprise given that they serve the BEST burgers in town. My favorite is the good old Flora Dora burger which is fresh ground organic beef, roasted red peppers, onions and aioli.

3. Best Bloody Mary – I thought I had seen and tasted them all until I saw a bloody mary arrive at the table next to me at Smak Bar at the Hotel Madeline in Mountain Village. Their bloody mary is a work of art, topped off with a slider burger on a skewer on top. Impressive!! This bistro has a sensational menu too – if you are looking for a quick ski break, their menu of burgers, sandwiches and salads is hard to beat in the village core. They also have a focus on locally sourced produce which is refreshing. We have so much great produce in the Telluride area, it would be nice to see more cafes and restaurants follow suit.

4. Best Happy Hour – You really can’t beat the Cosmopolitan happy hour. With half priced sushi rolls and cosmopolitans between the hours of 4-6pm, as well as a location that is just a stone’s throw from the bottom of the gondola, it’s hard to walk past this gem without popping in for a post ski snack! This is also one of my top 3 fine dining choices in Telluride.

5. Best Fine Dining – personally, my all time favorite is La Marmotte. It took me a few years to venture in the doors of this quaint, European inspired restaurant in Telluride. However, once I made the leap, it quickly became a personal favorite of mine and a top recommendation for our guests. The service is consistently friendly and attentive and the french inspired fare is just phenomenal.

6. Best Cocktails – there is a little place on the West End of town called ‘There’. I put that in itallics because I am sure some of you think it’s a typo. But the bar is called ‘There’. Just go there!

7. Best Casual Dining – this one is tough. There are actually a couple I would like to mention here. My favorite is La Cocina de Luz– organic Mexican. I love their beef fajitas as well as the field green salad wrap. The vegan plate is also excellent. They make a mean margarita and they also make their own ice cream. There is also a Thai restaurant on the west end of town called Siam that is very good and has a solid following. Again, Flora Dora is hard to pass for burgers, soups, salads etc. One other great spot that deserves a mention is OAK. Serving ‘Beer, Bourbon & BBQ’ this southern themed restaurant and bar is located at the base of the gondola, beneath the Camel’s Garden Hotel.

8. I’m making an extra point here. This spot is a Telluride institution and deserves mentioning because it is consistently very good. The New Sheridan Chophouse & Bar is located right on main street and can be impossible to get into during the peak weeks. They have a great bar which is also the hotel foyer, and a wonderful restaurant which is famous for it’s steak.

Gee, this ‘quick’ post turned out to be a little epic, so apologies. If you are still with me, please let us know your picks for the best spots to eat and drink in Telluride. We would love to know!

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