What to pack for your vacation in Telluride?

When traveling, getting your luggage to point B is almost as important as getting yourself there. The reason is simple, clothes are a important part of (most) vacations. Its not just about having your favorite stuff though. What you pack, whatever your packing style, can make or break a vacation, and qualifications for appropriate attire vary with every destination to which you find yourself en-route. For many reasons, Telluride, of all destinations, can be a packing challenge – this unique town requires a unique travel wardrobe to match. But never fear, it’s less complicated than it may seem. In fact, it can be broken down into three main themes.

Pack Casual

Playing host to a singularly casual milieu, Telluride is a town to dress-down for. Its style is a thing of Chaco-wearing beauty where functionality takes precedence over fashion, and where your ski boots are perfectly welcome at any restaurant in town (worn at your own risk of course).   Evening gowns and dinner jackets won’t get you turned away, but they’re meant to felt needed in this small mountain town. Of course there are five star restaurants, where formal attire is seen, but certainly not required. Unless your stay includes a wedding or a formal event, its best to save space in your bag and leave more formal items at home.

Pack Preparedhiking blog pic

Soggy pictures of that day you mourned your forgotten raincoat may not bring about the most nostalgic memories. Telluride’s weather is notoriously capricious; sun may give way to rain in 10 minutes time, and the storm may even pass in half that. But whatever the weather, being prepared will keep you comfortable. Bring multiple layers to make sure you never feel cold. A rain-slicker and a polar-fleece are musts for all seasons, and heavier coats and snow boots are essential for any wintertime visit. No matter the season, as soon as the sun goes down having a jacket on hand, is key. Make sure you have the right gear for whatever you’ll be doing up here. You may even consider looking at the weather forecast before you pack to never be surprised.

Finally, Pack Comfortable

A lot of Telluride activities involve walking or exercise, so bringing clothes and shoes that you’ll be comfortable in is paramount. Nothing spoils a hike like a blister, so bring shoes you’ve already broken in. The Gondola stations are not high-heel friendly, and the winter ice may not provide the safest environment for pumps, so you may consider leaving them at home (if you need the extra height, try wedges). Telluride is one of the very many places that you always want to feel comfortable and that you have just what you need. We are not a city, but rather a high alpine mountain town, so when you are packing, make sure to keep that in mind.

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